Friday, June 26, 2015

Surprising facts about media usage ~ MORE 18-34s listen to radio each week than use a smartphone

We tend to think of Millennials as permanently attached to their smartphones.

We also tend to think of radio as a medium used mostly by older people, the ones who can’t quite figure out how to work an iPod.

Both those stereotypes are dead wrong, along with a lot of other ideas about media usage.

Nielsen’s most recent total audience report, a quarterly document that tracks media use by different age groups, shatters a number of misconceptions about new and old media use.

For example, it might surprise you to know that more Millennials listen to traditional AM/FM radio each week than use smartphones.

Nielsen found 93 percent of adults 18-34 listen to radio weekly, while just 80 percent report using a smartphone.

In fact, radio is the most frequently used medium among Millennials. It’s well ahead of TV at 76 percent and PCs at 49 percent. Read the entire article here courtesy of MediaLife Magazine.

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