Thursday, August 6, 2015

Just How Relevant Are Those Twitter Ads?

This year, 53.1 million US internet users will access their Twitter accounts via any device at least monthly, according to eMarketer estimates released in February 2015 and confirmed and republished earlier this month. This equates to nearly three in 10 social networkers and just over a fifth of internet users. Further, we forecast in March 2015 that US Twitter ad revenues would rise 62.1% this year to $1.34 billion and that Twitter paid ad spending per Twitter user would increase 48% to reach $25.25. A recent study suggests many users are seeing a lot of these ads—and they don’t find them all that effective. According to June 2015 research from Cowen and Company, 56.6% of US adult Twitter users saw ads at least every 20 tweets. Respondents were most likely to see such placements every 10 tweets (18.2%). Fewer than a quarter never saw any ads on the social network. Read the full article here courtesy of

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