Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ship to Store Attracts Two in Five US Digital Buyers

Click and collect has risen to prominence in the UK. Is the same service as popular in the US? According to research from UPS, it’s getting more popular—at least a little bit. In 2014, 35% of US digital buyers said they used ship-to-store services. That went up by 3 percentage points in this year’s survey. Buy online, pick up in-store may be taking off among US retailers, but merchants should remember that not all such “purchases” will be as trackable as others. For example, more than one in five respondents to the UPS survey also said they had abandoned a digital shopping cart on deciding to pick the items up in store—meaning they didn’t complete the purchase online, and that the retailer might have no way to associate the abandoned cart with the brick-and-mortar purchase. Read the entire article at emarketer.com

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