Thursday, August 20, 2015

T-Mobile: We’re turning on the FM chip

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AT&T appears to have started a trend.
Two weeks after the country’s No. 2 wireless provider said it will turn on the FM chip in its new Android phones, starting next year, T-Mobile has decided to do the same.

The company’s chief executive officer, John Legere, tweeted on Friday that T-Mobile will be offering Android phones with the FM chip activated, starting in 2016.

The move came after pressure from Next Radio, an app people can use to dial in stations on the FM chip. The app, owned by radio company Emmis Communications, had been tweeting to T-Mobile saying that people wanted the FM chip turned on.

The radio industry has argued that the FM chip should be turned on as a matter of safety. 

The radio is an important source of information in the event of an emergency, when wireless networks often go down and people can’t rely on the internet or phone service for information.

Sprint was the first carrier to begin activating the FM chip on some of its phones.
Apparently Next Radio will be targeting the country’s No. 1 wireless carrier now. After T-Mobile agreed to activate its chips, the app began tweeting that Verizon is next on its hit list.

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