Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do Shopping Cart Abandoners Just Not Want to Buy?

Shoppers say changing their mind is the main reason they leave items behind.

Shopping cart abandonment is a fact of life for online retailers. According to Bizrate, 18% of digital shoppers in North America who browse a retailer's site intending to buy, but end up not making a purchase, abandon their shopping cart. In the UK, according to Royal Mail Group, almost all digital buyers abandon their shopping carts at least sometimes, and 26% of women and 16% of men do so frequently.

In the US, based on May 2015 research from HookLogic, shopping cart abandonment is most frequent among shoppers for home goods, 29.0% of whom did so. That compared with 24.9% of shoppers for health and beauty products and 22.9% among shoppers of electronics.
Perhaps frustratingly for retailers, the top reason, according to Market Track, is that shoppers simply decide they don't want the item all that much. That's what 28% of US digital buyers said their primary reason was for not buying something in their cart, followed by 27% who wanted to do more research.

Bizrate's research found that saving items to buy later was still a factor in so-called abandoned shopping carts, and that many people could be easily prodded into pushing the buy button with a promotional email, or even just a reminder.

Retails have options when it comes to bringing back cart-abandoners, including retargeting with display and email.

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