Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Win at Customer Service: Keep It Simple

Nearly nine in 10 internet users worldwide believe that good service makes them feel more positive about brands, according to an August 2015 Ovum and Opinium Research study. For marketers, the question is what makes customer service “good” enough to drive this result.

While 81% of respondents replied that they are only looking to have their questions answered—which implies quite a low bar to reach for adequate customer service—there are still ways for companies to stand out.

When asked why a recent positive experience with a company stood out, 46% of internet users responded that they felt their request was dealt with quickly. Another 30% said customer service had understood their issue and history. A picture emerges: Many internet users seem to be looking for simplicity, directness and speed.

So what actions do internet users take after a positive experience with customer service? More than six in 10 (61%) alert friends and family to the experience, and 38% of respondents write a positive review about the experience.

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