Friday, November 6, 2015

Are you one of us?

Our Classic Country Station, Q973 / 993 recently launched a new app and the response has been wonderful! Here are some of the comments we've received:

Hi.. John here.. I Am listening Via app from Alberta, Canada ... I have been searching for so long for a real country station that plays hits from the past.. Finally I found you guys.. Wow.. What a great selection of songs you air! 5 stars!

This is real music it's 100% real country music!

Hey guys this is Samuel Smith! Just want yall to know that I'm 18 and you're the reason why I know what REAL country is. None of this so called country, but TRUE country is. I appreciate what yall do. Keep the music playing!

I appreciate your station I work in Scottsboro and live in Chattanooga I listen coming and going. Todd.

I travel through eastern Tennessee from my home in Blount County, Alabama. I just love listening to WUUQ. Just heard about your new app today. ...L O V E I T ! ! I

Jon from Nashville. Thank you folks for playing real country music. Sadly we cannot get that on Nashville radio these days.

We can connect you to loyal listeners like this EVERYDAY! Just let us know and we'll be glad to go to work for you.

You can download our app now in the Google Play Store or App Store.

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