Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Purse Strings Tighten: More Shoppers Plan To Limit Spending

Nearly two in three holiday shoppers (63%) plan to spend under $500 in total on gifts this season, according to a survey by Horizon Media. 

That’s more than last year, when 58% of respondents said they would spend under $500 in total. After the holidays, that percentage slipped a bit as 53% reported that they had actually kept their spending below $500.

Holiday shoppers tend to stick to their plans, routines and resources, says Sheri Roder, Chief of The Why Group, Horizon Media. “As we’ve observed over the past two holiday seasons, people’s habits are formed as soon as they begin their search for gifts. What we’ve been seeing so far at this stage in the shopping season leads us to believe people will be staying the course this year as well.

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