Friday, November 20, 2015

Test your knowledge

A little Q&A with Pierre Bouvard, Cumulus Media & Westwood One from 2015's consumer media use studies.

1. What is the weekly reach of television and AM/FM among much-coveted Millennials (18-34)?

According to Nielsen's Q1 2015 "Total Audience Report," television's reach among 18-34s is only 76 percent, and AM/FM is 93 percent.

2. How many Americans are reached daily by Pandora and Spotify?

According to Edison Research's "Share of Ear" study, Pandora’s daily reach is only 15 percent and Spotify’s is only 5 percent – which means 85 percent of Americans are not reached by Pandora in an average day. Advertisers and agencies polled by Advertiser Perceptions overestimate the daily reach of Pandora and Spotify and the reality is they have nowhere near the reach of radio. For more insight, click here.

3. What is America's number one mobile mass reach medium?

Per Nielsen, it's radio at 93 percent. Next is television at 87 percent, smartphones at 70 percent, PCs at 54 percent, and tablets at 35 percent.

4. For Amazon's Prime Day sale, which medium had the best conversion of advertising awareness to purchase?

Radio had the best awareness to purchase conversion at 52 percent, followed by online at 48 percent, and television at 39 percent.

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