Monday, December 7, 2015

Nobody Loves Their Cars Like Gen Y

“Love” is the holy grail of the customer experience. Strategic Vision research shows that true advocacy and brand loyalty begins not when buyers are simply “satisfied,” but when they truly love their experience. With this in mind, Strategic Vision has created the Customer Love Index (CLI). This new metric continues the company's rich tradition of cutting-edge research, and reveals in their most recent automotive research which vehicles are doing the best at creating love, and shows why they can be more successful than their competition.

CLI research shows that Gen Y loves their car even more than many suggest. Strategic Vision has always held to the idea that millennials love their vehicles more than everyone else, and the Customer Love Index confirms this. It shows a staggering difference between millennials, who give an average CLI score of 470, and the rest of the industry, which gives an average score of about 400. Not only are their scores higher, but millennials are much more likely to be buying mass-market vehicles designed to maximize value, not love. Essentially, they love their compact hatchbacks so much that they rate them similarly as owners of luxury convertibles.

Find out which cars were the 'most loved' and read the rest of the article here courtesy of

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