Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Commercial Specifics Get Better Results

Courtesy of RAB and Radio creative consultant Jeffrey Hedquist...

Which sounds more believable? "Hundreds to choose from!" or "We have 324 of these widgets in our showroom right now."

Want to give your commercials more power? Be specific. Examine each of the claims that you make in a commercial. Replace the generalities with specifics and you'll have a more believable story.

Instead of saying "we have great service," describe how when you come into the store the sales consultant will ask you four important questions about how you're going to use this product and then demonstrate a variety of choices for you, explaining the pros and cons of each one.

Or you can say, "One week after your purchase, one of our representatives will call you to answer any questions you might have, show you additional ways of using the product and even offer hands-on help should you need it. Why do we do this? We want you to have a successful experience with our product. So when it's time for you to buy another one you'll come back to us." In other words, tell your audience why you're offering a benefit, don't just throw out a cliché.

Yes, it takes more time to paint a word picture of this experience, but you’ve now given the potential buyer a reason to buy that doesn’t sound like a pat phrase.

People are so used to hearing generalities like "lowest prices," or "friendly sales staff" that those words have no meaning anymore. Comb through your copy. Take every single phrase and make it come alive by using specifics. And where do you get those specifics? Simply tell the truth in detail.

Do you have factory-trained mechanics? Tell us, "Last July three of our mechanics attended a two-week training course where they learned how to repair the six most common ignition system problems. They took apart and reassembled the ignitions of seven domestic and eight foreign car manufacturers. Does your mechanic get that kind of training?"

Your commercial will be more convincing if you tell the truth – in detail. Amazing.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Create Effective Personalized Sales Emails

Email remains the number one communication method. 87 billion emails are drafted daily around the world. Ninety-four percent of Americans regularly use email. More than half of us check our in boxes first thing in the morning. Email is one of the most effective sales communication strategies. Even more effective are personal emails.  

When possible, send emails that are either personal, or if automated, appear to be personally from you. Get away from the templates or HTML emails and send plain text emails where you’re actually reaching one person.

Here are some helpful tips around personalized emails.