Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Age, Gender, and Education Can Affect Your Email Marketing

Have you ever thought about how the age, gender and the level of education of your email recipients affects your email marketing strategies and success? If you haven’t, shame on you! But if you have, pat yourself on the back! There are so many different factors that can affect you email marketing, and being neglectful of just one of them could really prevent you from achieving that high ROI you deserve (and have been striving for). That said, for those of you that are new to the email marketing game, and that are searching for a way to think about, understand and go about reaching your email audience through an email newsletter – this blog post is for you… But, it’s also for those email marketing vets out there, because it shares some unbelivable data that can ultimately shift the way you decide to reach your audience as well!  Read more here courtesy of Business 2 Community

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

For millennials, banking is all about the apps

Forget low fees, friendly services and convenient location—what really gets some bank customers going these days is a great app. In fact, a majority of the 4,371 respondents to a recent survey said a better app than the one their current bank offers would convince them to switch. The sentiment is particularly acute among millennials.  Read and see more here.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Google's Mobilegeddon Isn't The End Of The World For Most Websites

Mobilegeddon has arrived, and the very nickname says everything you need to know about concerns over Google's GOOGL +2.89% new formula for showing search results on smartphones, which launches today.

Overblown concerns, that is.

Online publishers are understandably worried about Google’s newmobile-friendly algorithm, which will provide a boost to websites that look good on smartphones while penalizing those that don’t. The change could have a potentially huge impact and raises a lot of worries that many sites will disappear from Google’s results on smartphones (results on desktops and tablets aren’t affected, nor are search ads). Even many large companies’ sites aren’t ready and many small businesses have too many other things to contend with besides yet another website project.  Read the entire article here via Forbes.