Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tuning In To Radio Advertising

These days, more and more companies continue to look for the most effective way to advertise, often debating whether a traditional television commercial would have just as much impact as a more modern, digital commercial. But while these two mediums go head to head in the marketing world, there is one other medium that is too often overlooked: Radio. Although some people might believe that radio advertising is about as effectual as standing on a sidewalk wearing a sandwich board to advertise your business, the truth is that radio offers some significant advertising advantages.  Read the entire article here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Half of 2015's Best-Perceived Brands Predate the Web

Americans might spend a third of their time on social media, and 78 percent of us might regularly shop online, but when it comes to the brands we most trust and admire, half of the top 10 are old-line companies that predate the Web.

That's one of the findings of BrandIndex's semiannual survey of America's best-perceived brands. The research house queried about 1.2 million adults over age 18, asking them to rate brands according to quality, satisfaction, overall impression and other attributes. And while the latest list of best-perceived brands includes digital behemoths like Apple and Netflix, half of the names are companies like Ford, Lowe's and Subway (the recent Jared Fogle controversy notwithstanding).  Read the entire article from Robert Klara at Adweek here.