Thursday, January 28, 2016

How 'Crash the Super Bowl' Changed Advertising

In early 2006, Andrew Robinson pitched a radical idea to the Doritos marketing team in a conference room at Frito-Lay's headquarters in Plano, Texas: What if the brand held a contest to give consumers -- not professional ad agencies -- a crack at creating a Super Bowl ad?

The idea felt risky, new and different, recalled Mr. Robinson, who championed the concept while at The Marketing Arm, an Omnicom-owned agency that at the time was mostly handling sports marketing for Frito-Lay. But for some people in the room, outsourcing the biggest marketing move of the year to a bunch of amateurs was a bit too much to swallow, even for a brand that was looking for a bold idea to lure younger male consumers.

What is next for Doritos?  Read the entire article here courtesy of Ad Age. 

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