Monday, April 18, 2016

Skip college? It can pay off—big time

Lindsay Levine lasted only a year at a traditional four-year college, despite a strong interest in computer science. "I wanted to do more in practice than theory," she said.

After dropping out, Levine found Fullstack Academy, a coding boot camp based in New York, and completed a three-month program, which cost $13,000 at the time. She was hired as a software developer immediately after finishing and now works at Venmo, a digital payment application, making a six-figure salary.

"I feel really excited about the future, which was something I couldn't say for a long time," the 23-year-old Levine said.

In part because of the rapidly rising costs and the ensuing debt burden, many would-be college students are discovering alternative occupational programs in industries with high-growth potential like software engineering.

Read the entire article here courtesy of CNBC.

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