Thursday, May 5, 2016

Are Plummeting Air Fares Causing A Spike in Cruise Travel?

It would seem that cruise customers are seeking both bigger and smaller ships, and cheaper flights are causing a surge in cruise bookings. Those are just two of the big takeaways from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) second quarter Cruise Industry Outlook Report of 2016, conducted in February among travel agents.
“Travel agents truly are the experts when it comes to identifying and forecasting cruise travel trends,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “Through the ongoing Travel Agent Cruise Industry Outlook, we are able to tap into the knowledge and expertise of agents to identify the most current trends impacting the cruise industry.”
CLIA first highlights how airfare has recently impacted cruising, indicating that 53 percent of agents say that lower flight costs are helping to promote increased cruise bookings. Also, 30 percent say that exchange rates make international cruises more enticing. The take away here is that affordability to support sailings is key, especially as cruise lines realize that they can maintain prices higher than before....

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