Thursday, June 16, 2016

Boomers, Youngsters Fuel Surging Vinyl Record Sales

SALISBURY, Md. — Little more than a decade ago, many people would have thought the vinyl record was a relic of a past age; a nostalgic piece of history that new technology has rendered obsolete.

But to the happy surprise of antique dealers and collectors, the last 10 years or so have witnessed a resurgence in the LP. 

Salisbury resident and vinyl aficionado Matthew Gunby said vinyl offers a unique experience that has been lost in our digital world.
“There’s something very special about sitting and taking the time to put on what you think you want to hear, instead of just hitting a shuffle button and skipping through songs,” he said, adding that he thinks younger generations have discovered and started to love that same experience.

“There’s just something really wonderful about that,” he said....

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