Friday, July 29, 2016

Retailers Install Bars, Hoping To Lure Shoppers Offline

Work's out and it's time for happy hour. Where to go for a stiff drink?

One surprising destination of choice: Urban Outfitters. The hipster retailer has begun to offer customers much more than clothing at certain locations. Now visitors can shop, or just head for its bar area.

Aiming to stand out in a world overflowing with retail shops and online competitors, some chains want to become destinations for diners and drinkers, not just shoppers.

The Urban Outfitters here in Brooklyn, called Space Ninety 8, has two bars — one on the roof and another on the third floor near the men's department — as well as an Israeli barbecue restaurant. The store doesn't discourage walking around the clothing displays with a drink in hand....

Read the entire article courtesy of USA Today:

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