Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Build an Auto Brand with Audio: Subaru's Stunning Success via Carmichael Lynch's Storytelling

"...heavy radio listeners generate more word of mouth about leading auto brands compared to heavy digital users and heavy TV users." 

“No one can build a brand with audio” is a misconception in the media world, especially when it comes to building auto brands. In fact, tons of brands -- including Subaru -- are building their brands with audio.

“Tier one auto” advertising describes the ads auto manufacturers air on national media, usually TV, to raise awareness and purchase consideration for their car brands. TV is often the first thought for these ads because of the assumption people need to see the “sight, sound, and motion” of the car.

So many distracting devices means Americans are not putting their “eyes on the TV screen” to see all the beautiful sight, sound, and motion of car ads. The highly regarded Council for Research Excellence finds: “Consumers have moved from a single-source, single-device ‘mental model’ to a multi-source, multi-device mental model.”...

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