Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black Friday 2016 Preview

“Last Year’s Black Friday Hurt...”

Updated! With Labor Day now a fond memory, all eyes are looking ahead to November when the nation’s biggest — and for many, most important — event will take place.

Sorry, we’re not talking the presidential election here: The subject at hand is Black Friday. With Thanksgiving just 77 days away, and many of the week’s promotions already locked and loaded, it’s not too early to begin the conversation.

And the discussion, argued Stephen Baker, The NPD Group’s consumer technology industry analysis VP, should start with nomenclature.

“Black Friday is not the operative term anymore,” he told TWICE. “Now it is a full week of deals as the expansion of retailers to online and the needs of online retailers to compete with off line has extended the time frame past just one day.

“That said,” he continued, “the question should not be about how promotional Black Friday or Thanksgiving Week is going to be, because it is going to be as promotional as every retailer, and brand, can make it. With the overall business remaining challenging, no business can afford to sit on the sidelines and not compete that week and expect to be successful.”...

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