Friday, March 4, 2016

Which Wireless Providers Offer Best Purchase Experience?

The wireless purchase experience through carrier channels hit a record high in the latest J.D. Power survey, with AT&T taking the top spot among the four national postpaid carriers and TracFone taking the top spot among prepaid providers.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eight of top 10 2016 retail trends are tech driven

The retail environment is constantly changing with every new style, product and season. While change is often retailer and consumer-driven, technology is shaping eight of the top 10 trends expected to have the greatest impact on retail sales in 2016 in a market brief released Wednesday by Synchrony Financial.

In analyzing the retail market, Synchrony Financial identified 26 trends, impacting retailers nationwide. The list was developed from ongoing retail and shopper research, and by tracking emerging and well established trends that continue to be important in the marketplace, as well as those impacting the payments space. 

Trends spanning multiple industries and categories relevant to its retail partners and cardholders were also reviewed.

Emerging from the research are 10 trends and retailer considerations compiled in Synchrony Financial’s latest brief, 10 Things to Know – the Top 10 Retail Trends for 2016.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carmakers Retreat From Quirky Designs as Millennials Embrace Mainstream

It was not too long ago that automakers were tripping over themselves in pursuit of younger buyers, offering boxy wagons and small, jellybean-shape city cars. The Scion xB, the Honda Element, the Nissan Cube: All were funky departures for Generation X from the dowdy minivans of their parents.

But times and tastes change. When Toyota announced last week that it would mothball its youth-oriented Scion brand, it punctuated a broader retreat in the industry from quirkier car designs, particularly at the low end of the market.

Today’s younger buyers, loosely referred to as Generation Y, have embraced a term that would have turned off their immediate forebears.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

This chart shows a major change in the way Americans eat

Americans like to eat out. A lot.

In fact, according to chart shared by Stifel's Taylor G. LaBarr, the portion of total food spending outside the home is now nearly half of Americans' total food spending.

Notably, "spending on food not at home," as LaBarr calls it, has been rising consistently for decades.

The only slight blips on the chart happened during recessions in 1974, 2001, and 2008, which makes sense as it's generally more expensive to eat out and people are less likely to spend extra cash in tougher economic environments.

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Online Adults Have Six Social Media Accounts, On Average

Online adults have 6.3 social media accounts on average, but only use 3.5 of these regularly, according to new figures from GlobalWebIndex, which surveyed online adults around the world. The survey also revealed that social media has become virtually universal, as 93% of online adults have at least one social media account, while 79% are actually active on at least one social platform.

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