Friday, May 20, 2016

In-Store Coffee Shops Give Boutiques a Jolt

Jane Motorcycles’ slogan is something of a joke: A sandwich board sign outside a sweeping glass facade reads, in marquee caps: FREE ESPRESSO WITH PURCHASE OF MOTORCYCLE.

While Adam Kallen, one of Jane’s co-owners, will tell you about their "stupid slogan" with a fully self-aware laugh, the message comes in earnest. ("Of course we’re more than happy to give someone a free espresso after they buy a bike," he assures me over the phone.) Both products, after all, promise to give your slogging life(style) the jump it needs.

Jane’s owners’ greater hope is that, hey, if you’re not in the market for a motorcycle right this second, maybe you’ll stop in for a cup of Counter Culture Coffee, or a leather jacket, or a currently-very-popular acai bowl, or a cozy beanie. Jane offers all of this (and more!) in pursuit of both a lifestyle brand and a financially sustainable retail operation that can satisfy anybody who walks by with a wallet and one of many sorts of hunger.

A few streets down, you’ll find Parlor coffee, where you’ll have to walk past a number of men in leather chairs getting haircuts in order to order their morning cortado. At Saturdays Surf NYC across the river in Manhattan, you can sip an iced latte and browse surf boards and apparel, rain or snow or shine. In San Francisco’s Mission District, a visit to the beloved Heath Ceramics building isn’t complete without a New Orleans iced coffee (and a cookie, if you’re smart) from the Blue Bottle Coffee outpost nestled into their entryway. In Copenhagen’s Atelier September you can can purchase a pourover and then look at handmade furniture. Our cities’ coffee shops are slowly morphing into boutiques, and vice versa; in the right hands, it’s not a bad thing. And in case you had any doubt, their collective Instagram game is on point.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

US Millennials Emerging as Heavy Coupon Users

Millennials in the US are increasingly interested in mobile coupons. Nearly half of millennial coupon users in the US used more mobile coupons in Q3 2015 than a year earlier, according to Valassis. Almost half (45%) used more paperless discounts versus 30% of all US coupon users.

While about a third of millennial coupon users say they increased their paper coupon usage—those that come in the mail, as well as those that come in newspaper coupon books—the largest growth came in paperless discounts, or those received on smartphones or other mobile devices....

(photo courtesy of Progressive Grocer)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

School’s not out but marketers already planning for back-to-school shopping

It may seem a little premature given that school is still in session, but the first back-to-school study has been released.

About 62% of households plan to reduce back-to- school spending compared to 2015, according to a survey by Bizrate Insights. Average spend will be $606, or $1,086 for households with college-age children.

However, although back-to-school shopping typically heats up in July, 5% of respondents had started by April and another 7% plan to start before June. More than half will begin back-to-school shopping between late July and early August, with early August the most popular starting time....

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Consumers Want Their Home And Car Connected To Each Other

Connecting is the key component in the Internet of Things and consumers seem to want those connections to be pretty much wherever they are.

The smartphone obviously is one of the most obvious of connected devices today and consumers look to that device as a connection for other things.

It turns out that many consumers also want to link the connections in their homes with the connections in their cars, based on a new study by Parks Associates.

More than a quarter (27%) of U.S. car owners would like a feature that enables their car to communicate with Internet-connected devices in their home. Opening a garage door or unlocking the front door from their car seems to appeal to consumers.

The reality is that where connections reside does not live in a vacuum.

Read the entire article courtesy of Media Post:

Monday, May 16, 2016

McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Sparks a Fast Food Fight

Fast-food joints aren’t hitting the snooze button anymore.

McDonald’s Corp.’s decision to start selling Egg McMuffins all day long last year -- meant to help sales during lunch and dinner time -- has boosted its morning business as well. That, in turn, has kicked off a scramble among its rivals to find new ways to combine eggs, potatoes and meat for a tasty breakfast.

The latest example is Burger King’s Egg-Normous breakfast burrito, which is being introduced in the U.S. on Tuesday. It’s stuffed with sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, cheddar and American cheese and served with picante sauce. The home of the Whopper, which still serves breakfast only during morning hours, also recently added a supreme breakfast hoagie and got rid of slower-selling English muffin sandwiches....

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