Friday, August 12, 2016

Attention Retailers: Affluent Shoppers Like Coupons, Too!

Think wealthy folks are averse to using coupons? Think again.

A new study by intelligent media delivery firm Valassis found that coupon use among the affluent is strong despite their six-digit annual incomes.
Consumers collectively saved $3.4 billion by redeeming coupons in 2015, according to NCH data, and affluent shoppers were no exception. Valassis’ research illustrates an opportunity for marketers to reach this group via integrated print and digital promotions.

Among the affluent (household incomes of over $100K) shoppers surveyed, 28% have increased their use of coupons in the past year. Fifty-six percent reported that they enjoy using coupons, and 87% believe that coupons save them a lot of money.... 

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Report: 'Star Wars' Drives Healthy Mid-Year Growth in Toy Aisle

"The spike in outdoor toys is an example of millennials’ penchant for experiences over stuff spilling over into parenthood—a clue for toy retailers preparing for the holidays."

After slumping in recent years, toy sales are booming, and movie, internet, and television tie-ins are a big part of that. But consumers’ priority of spending money on experiences over stuff is also driving the growth, as outdoor toys dominate sales.

“I expect to see continued growth for the U.S. toy industry for the remainder of 2016 and, if it reaches 7% for year-end, that would be the fastest growth of the U.S. toy market since 1999,” NPD U.S. toys analyst Juli Lennett said in a statement. “Toys with movie tie-ins will continue to contribute to the increase, stemming from those released both in 2015 and 2016. Television, over-the-top and other content providers, like YouTube and social media, will also continue to drive growth.”...

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Build an Auto Brand with Audio: Subaru's Stunning Success via Carmichael Lynch's Storytelling

"...heavy radio listeners generate more word of mouth about leading auto brands compared to heavy digital users and heavy TV users." 

“No one can build a brand with audio” is a misconception in the media world, especially when it comes to building auto brands. In fact, tons of brands -- including Subaru -- are building their brands with audio.

“Tier one auto” advertising describes the ads auto manufacturers air on national media, usually TV, to raise awareness and purchase consideration for their car brands. TV is often the first thought for these ads because of the assumption people need to see the “sight, sound, and motion” of the car.

So many distracting devices means Americans are not putting their “eyes on the TV screen” to see all the beautiful sight, sound, and motion of car ads. The highly regarded Council for Research Excellence finds: “Consumers have moved from a single-source, single-device ‘mental model’ to a multi-source, multi-device mental model.”...

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

High-Tech Safety Features "Apeal" to Consumers...

New vehicle buyers have come to expect – and appreciate – the latest in high-tech safety systems. And those manufacturers who offer such technologies as blind-spot detection and forward collision warning scored especially well in the latest J.D. Power APEAL study.

Designed to go beyond traditional quality and reliability numbers, APEAL probes buyers about what features they find most exciting – and which are likely to get them back into showrooms to buy the same model or brand in the future. The results of the 2016 study show European brands such as Porsche, BMW and Jaguar, that offers the broadest suites of safety gear coming out on top.

“Technology-enabled safety features help drivers feel more comfortable and confident while driving their vehicles,” said Renee Stephens, vice president of U.S. automotive quality at J.D. Power.
Ironically, while consumers are clearly being drawn to advanced technologies like automatic emergency braking, or AEB, they also find flaw with digital systems – though more frequently the high-tech infotainment systems that have become an industry norm. Such technologies were, collectively, the single largest source of complaints in another Power study, the annual Initial Quality Survey released last month....

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why Retailers Still Struggle with Omnichannel—and How They Can Conquer the Challenge

"Understanding omnichannel starts with data—both private, in-house customer data as well as social media insights and other public information—that enables retailers to uniquely identify customers and products across channels, shedding light on their activities and preferences."

Shoppers want it all, and they want it now. They want to shop seamlessly across devices, anywhere and anytime. They want online visibility into product inventory, store-based fulfillment of web orders and a range of delivery and pickup options. They want personalized offers when they’re in stores, and additional incentives when they’re nearby. And because they no longer see any distinction between the online and offline retail realms, they want merchants to see the world the exact same way.

Retailers are racing to keep pace, investing in personnel, processes and technology in order to meet the heightened expectations of the omnichannel age. Based on the findings of a survey of more than 250 store managers published earlier this year by JDA Software Group, 62% of U.S. merchants now connect their brick-and-mortar stores to their desktop and mobile experiences to offer consumers an evolving range of services.

The investment is not yet paying off, however. Retailers admit that omnichannel success remains a cipher wrapped inside an enigma smothered in secret sauce, which they blame in large part on the absence of quality customer data insights, according to the results of a survey released this spring by Periscope, a unit of management consultancy McKinsey Solutions....

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Job Opening at Sunny 92.3

We would like to let you know that there is a job opening  at Sunny 92.3 in Chattanooga, TN for a co-host for the morning show. 

Please send, or ask anyone interested to send resume and cover letter to: Danny Howard, WDEF Radio (Morning Show Position), 2615 S. Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408. You may email it to or fax to 423-321-6240.

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